Bápsló is basically English, just with the letters changed.

English/Bápsló TranslationEdit

To translate any English word with 4 or more letters to a Bápsló word, follow these simple steps.

  1. Turn the word backwards: Allspeak - Kaepslla
  2. Swap the first and last letters around: Kaepslla - Aaepsllk
  3. Change the first letter so it is one more along the alphabet as in A to B, J to K or Z to A.
  4. If this word is then unpronouncable you can move the unpronouncable letters along the alphabet until it is. For example: Bga (No), Cga (No), Dga (No) Ega (Yes!).
  5. Then phonetically translate this word using this page.

And there you have a Bápsló word.


Pineapple: 1. Elppaenip 2. Plppaenie 3. Qlppaenie 4. Ulppaenie 5. Ulpání


Boomerang: 1. Gnaremoob 2. Bnaremoog 3. Cnaremoog 4. Enaremoog 5. Eneremúg

Mauritania: 1. Ainatiruam 2. Minatiruaa 3. Ninatiruaa 4. Ninatiruab 5. Ninatirúab

Benedict: 1. Tcideneb 2. Bcidenet 3. Ccidenet 4. Ecidenet 5. Esídenet

Words with One, Two or Three LettersEdit

Words with 1, 2 or 3 letters do not follow the same rules as the rest as this wouldn't work.

There are only two 1 letter words - A and I - and for these you just change along a vowel to E and O and then just phoneticize it - É and Í.

For 2 & 3 letter words, you just miss out the 1st step.

My: 2. Ym 3. Zm 4. Am 5. Am

Cat: 2. Tac 3. Uac 4. Vac 5. Vak

And: 2. Dna 3. Ena 4. Ena 5. Ena


If a word doesn't make phonetic sense (like gman or fpo) and you have to change a letter, always change the first letter through the alphabet until you either find a fitting letter or you have got back to where you started. If you end up back where you started try the same with the last letter. If this still doesn't work start on the middle letters.

For abbreviations, translate the words they are short for.

USA: United = Vetind; States = Tetats; America = Esirema

So USA is VTE.

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