This is Step 5 of creating a Báplsló word. Take this a sound at a time and it should end out right. You should be able to type all these letters if you have your keyboard set to US Extended.


English Examples Bápsló
a apple man ant a
ay, ai hay train frame á
ar car park laugh ä
b bin back bib


ch check catch chin ç
d dead doll and d
e egg help there e
ee, ea eat sheet key é
f fig off offer
g green dog gate g
h hen hat reheat h
i ink pin pink i
igh, y, ie line sign eye í
j, ge, gi jelly giant age j
k make cake can k
l lolly leg like l
m me name mum m
n can not nun n
o pop orange pole o
oe, oa no coke go ó
or aw oar law or ö
p ape pen not p
r roll are door r
s sing cats song s
t toe bat hate t
u fun hut uncle u
ue, oo food glue threw ú
er, ir, er bird sir absurd ü
v of van dove v
w with win wig w
y you yoga yo-yo y
z phase zebra zip z

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